My Life In My Own Words...
Hmmmm? 10-18-06 22:41
Seems someone's a copycat.

I dont have the energy to poke fun at her stupidity... I have to be up at 5am to start my new job.
Psh. Done. 10-17-06 23:02
ANyhow. i am done with elowel. I have joined another blogsite. Goodbye people.
Also.... 10-17-06 22:21
Side note...

You have fun with that life thats passing you by, while US ADULTS have this thing called responsibility and don't exactly have time to spend every day with friends and dont have the money to go shopping whenever. So think about that when you tell that Im immature. When you move out, when you go to schoo, when you pay rent, electricity, YOUR OWN PHONE, and a car payment. Then we'll have an understanding. But you dont even have your licence. Awh. poor baby, lets make everyone feel bad for her cuz she can't drive. Waaah. Grow up you fucking baby.
Same Shizz, different day. 10-17-06 22:17
So I have another interview tomorrow and I'm preeeety sure I have this job already, the lady that called is SO cool. Its actually a job working for Hollywood Studios. Cool Huh. Haa, 10 buckeroos to start too. And Med. Benfits in January, even tho I already have med benefits til I'm 21 through my mom. Anyhow, the downside to today... Brian and I got denied for our loan simply because I have no credit due to me recently turning 18. I'm sure we can find a co-signer. But we really need to move out. I dont want to move out if I get this job cuz its at the airport basically. And thats one gnarly drive from Newberg to the airport everyday.

Anyway. Thats all.

Oh and Cynthia, if you read this. You need to get a life. Stop wasting your time harrassing people who have issues that have nothing to do with you. Also, find better things to do than call the cops on people. Dont dish what you cant handle. Don't harrass someone if you cant handle being harrassed. oh and "OMG, I'm broke so I'll make everyone feel sorry for me. And I'll live at my friends houses for weeks at a time and eat all their food and fuck my boyfriend in their house and expect everything to be ok. Then I'll get pissed at them when they do something I dont like. Then when I apologize, I'll act like everything is ok and I'll start using them again. Oh by the way, my name is CYNTHIA." Two can play at this game, bitch.
Blegh 10-13-06 16:00
So family Drama has hit the fan. Its crap. I quit going to school so before I could lift a finger to have it taken care of, my dad was all over it, and me. I finally answered the phone today only to be bitched out. Whatev.

Still no job. ugh.
Ugh. 10-06-06 23:58
So the interview sucked. I was up against 2 university grads with degrees in personal relations. And there I was, fresh meat. Oh well. Theres always tomorrow. I emailed out like 12 more resumes just now, so maybe my chances will get better. I want an office assistant job making atleast $9 an hour F/T. So if you know of any openings inthe Portland/Tigard are, let me know. mmk. Anyhow. Went to bingo today. and Won $10 wooooo hoooo. lol. Anyway, Brian is almost home with Taco bell, and I'm hungry, so peace out.
Blegh 10-04-06 09:01
So things have been stressful lately. Brian and I are ina money crunch. A bad one at that. I just found out that I'm $90 over drawn in my bank account and I dont get paid for 2 more weeks, and that money that I get in 2 weeks, needs to go towards the down payment to my car. Thats $500. Next, It's going to cost Brian and I ANOTHER $500 just to get our car insurance started up, but if we don't get it started soon, My car is going to get repo'ed cuz I dont have FULL coverage on it now. Ugh. THEN on top of that, Brian and I are moving out cuz we really can't afford to live here and we're giving our 60 day notice today. It's not that its too expensive, cuz its not. We only pay $683 a month, for a 2 bed one bath, with a W/D and W/S/G. Not bad, BUT we have way too much to pay for and Brians parents agreed to let us move back in for only $200 a month so we can save up and move into a condo.

Next, I still hate my job. My boss is a fucking monster. She made Rachel cry the otherday, on top of me finding out that she wasn't going to hire me simply because I talk with a lisp. Then I also found out that when she was doing the hiring, she wanted to hire "only cute, skinny girls". She sounds like a fucking bitch to me and I can't wait until I don't have to work for her anymore. But I have to until Brian and I move in November. Ugh.

Lastly, I fucking missed school today for the second day in a row. I overslept. No surprise, I went to bed at almost 2 am. I didnt go yesterday cuz I decided to fake sick. College is so fucking boring. ugh. I'm thinking about dropping out and going next year or whenever I can afford it that way my dads not wasting his money on an education that I dont even want right now.

I hate stress, and being out of cigarettes and having no money. Life Blows.
Worst payday ever! 09-29-06 11:14
I got paid today. Probabley one of my biggest checks... like ever. And guess where most of it goes? bills and rent. Ugh. I get to keep a measily $40 cuz Brian feels sorry for me that I have no money. Plus I'm only $50 short of what I would have paid in bills, and his mom gave us $160 the other day so we should be fine.

Anyhow. I really want to go to Tony's tonight, but I have to watch taylor. oh well. Maybe after ward. But I need to go get ready for work and go get some lunch. Subway sound delish! Later.

Updates 09-28-06 20:20
Well, School is really fucking boring && i pretty much hate it. I'm taking 4 classes. But atleast I'm going. I still have my job, and I finally found someone at work who talks more and louder than me. Oh man she is such a ditz! But shes nice. lol. Anyhow. In other news, Brian and I are moving back to Newberg in December. We are saving up to rent a condo. So yeah. Dunno all the details yet. But Im off to get ready for Tony's. Later.
School, Work and Life in General 09-26-06 10:30

I GOT A NEW CAR. Well, its not BRAND new, but its a 2001 Kia Sephia, white. Its cute. Anyhow.

So I've been working massivly. lol. I had one day off last week and let me tell you, I cherished it. I have tomorrow off though, cuz I have an ortho appt to get fitted for my retainers. *FUN* But our Genreal Manager or whatever is in again today from california. Ick. He's not very Nice. Hopefully he'll be gone by the time I get there, but those chances are slim. I almost told my boss to go fuck herself yesterday cuz she was being a bitch to me for no reason. She asked me to Help Stephanie with a box of boy replenishment, and as I was doing that I asked if I could fix a mangled stack of shirts, she said "of course!!" and walked away, then she came back about 5 mins later, just as I was finishing the stack and asked (rudely) why I had not been working on the boy of boy replenishment, and she totally blew off the stack of shirts that I was trying to explain. Then she had me take off two tables of little boy sweats and put them on this bay, then she told me to take them all down (I had JUST hung over 50 pants, sweaters and shirts) and put them on the other side of the bay so I could put the big boy sweats there, well, the big boy sweats were too big for that bay, and apparantly that was my fault. She was just being a frantic bitch, and I was pissed. I was doing the best I could, and I bet when I go in today, its all going to be changed from how I left it. All My work, for nothing, to simply waste time until my shift was over. Uhg. And I have to go deal with everyone being bitchy today cuz Greg, the GM is in and I know he isnt going to like how the store looks. :[

Issue 2:
So again, Child support is retarted. I'm suppose to get my books by... well... Today. And guess when the money is going to be in the bank... Tomorrow. AFTER my school day is over. How fucking annoying and on top of that, they didnt give me the said amount ($362) so now I have to scrounge for money cuz I need about $500 worth of books for school plus supplies. I still have to Pay rent, pay bills, pay the down payment on my car. I get paid on friday, but it wont be enough to cover, school, rent and bills. Fortunatley, my car DP isnt due until Oct 24th. and the first payment wont be until November. So I should be ok there, but the stuff for school, I need like now.

Other than those two issues, life is going fine. Brian and I arent fighting. Our only issue has been him going back to SP Newsprint cuz he doesnt like being at WestLinn Paper. Ugh he can be a pain sometimes.

♥ Ash
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